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Granite and Marble Slab Installation can be Seamless

An exquisite interior that features a granite or marble slab in your Brantford home can transform the home with literally seamless installation! Granite and marble slabs offer versatility in design possibilities for kitchen countertops, islands, tabletops, flooring and many other applications.
When granite and marble is quarried, it is extracted in huge sheets called slabs.  Since granite is a natural stone quarried from the earth, sizes of slabs vary and can be cut to different dimensions. A slab signals a larger size of material and can often be installed without seams. The unparalleled aesthetic of having a gorgeous surface unblemished by seams is the main benefit of using a granite or marble slab for your home renovation. There is something so beautifully majestic about a seamless glistening surface of polished stone. A seamless granite or marble slab can leave one breathless.

What Do a Bullnose, Ogee Flush and a Triple Pencil Have in Common?

These intriguing names are all descriptors of edge treatments that can be applied to your granite and marble slab design. From the rounded Bullnose to the layered Ogee Flush and the gently cascading Triple Pencil, these edge treatments provide an extra level of detail to your interior decor.
An edge can provide a distinctive element to your granite or marble slab installation that will complement other design features in your home.  Factors that play into your choice of edging go with the style of your kitchen design. Is it softer with round edges, or a crisper look with more defined angles?  Choosing granite or marble slabs makes a statement of care and class and your choice of edge treatment signals your attention to detail, which vaults your interior design up a notch.

Installation of Granite and Marble Slabs is not DIYS

The answer to "Can I install a slab counter myself?” is "Possibly.” Is it a good idea to do so?  "NO!”
Slab granite is extremely heavy and for most homeowners, it would be a disaster to try a do-it-yourself installation. The price of failure would be high. Granite and marble slabs are most susceptible to cracks and other damage during shipping and installation.
It is far wiser to call a professional who has the resources, equipment, packing material and transportation options to deliver and install your granite and marble slab masterpieces.  A trained professional will make sure your granite and marble slab is levelled and sealed properly.
Better still, consider finding a one-stop shop where you can not only pick your granite or marble slab on site, but also work with staff to create custom designs and choose edges, and then get the installation completed by professionals.
Just like a well-made winter coat in which you might invest because you plan to wear it for years, so must you consider your investment in granite and marble slab interior applications.  Granite and marble slabs for Brantford homes are not low-end design materials.  Although the upfront investment is more than other materials, the value in the long-term more than makes up for the initial capital outlay.

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